WP Builds is a WordPress podcast network with one of the longest standing and widely listened podcasts out there. Each week we produce content specifically focussed upon WordPress and the products and services consumed by the WordPress community.

On Thursday we release our podcast 'WP Builds' with interviews and discussions about all things WordPress and then on Monday we record 'This Week in WordPress' in a live show. This is then published across all our channel on Tuesday after final editing.

If you're in a company in the WordPress space, this is a great way to connect with that audience.

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Mar 9th 2021



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Issues which are shown as Provisionally Booked have been reserved but the booking is not final. If you are interested in one of these weeks or you would like to reserve a date that is not listed here, then please get in touch.

This is what you get each week your sponsorship is active:

* a banner ad and back link published across the entire back catalogue of the WP Builds podcast archive. This is active during the duration of your sponsorship.

* a banner ad and back link with accompanying text (<300 characters) in the email newsletters produced for the WP Builds Podcast and This Week in WordPress. This is sent out twice a week when the podcast (Thursday) and This Week in WordPress (Tuesday) are published.

* an audio ad of <20 seconds to be included in the podcast episode and This Week in WordPress video / audio. This does not change each week and remains in the audio / video for all time.

We feature a bold text link as well as a < 300 character section of text to explain your offer. Your link will be featured in a prominent position in the newsletter for the number of weeks that you purchase. You can see an example of how the ad will look here.

You will also feature in the LIVE version of 'This Week in WordPress'. We will add your ad before the show starts and read the text that you provide. You can see an example of this here:

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